Win-win for you & your company

If your company’s eligible to be registered with us, there are lots of benefits to getting it signed up. Here are just some of them.

(Even if you can’t get registered just yet you’re still welcome to buy from us – the value of each delivery just needs to be at least £15 or you can pay a £2.50 delivery charge.)


There’s no minimum order value, so each employee can order and pay for their own lunch online.

And if you’re ordering food for a meeting you can just order what you need.

Your company can choose to subsidise Lean Lunch meals for employees.

A popular perk!

We’ll deliver to your office every day, freeing up people’s lunchtimes for fun rather than food shopping.


You’ll be invited to tasting events to help us develop even more yummy dishes.


Checkout will be faster – especially useful if you’re in charge of ordering food for meetings.

With more people at your office eating Lean Lunch meals packed with feel-good nutrients you’re also more likely to have healthier, happier people around. And maybe even see productivity up, and sick days down.

Get in touch today to find out if and how you can get your company registered.

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