Brilliant nutrition sessions
at your company

When we talk to companies with wellness programmes, nutrition is always one of the key pillars. Which makes sense – who’s going to feel great and perform their best when they’re chomping through toast, sandwiches, pasta and chocolates in a typical day?

But just making a few changes here and there can make a huge difference. Whether it’s a bit more fruit and veg and healthy fats or fewer starchy foods and sugary treats.

Practical advice (with no boring bits)

Our nutrition seminars, workshops and one-to-ones are run by our nutritionist Lisa Chothia. They can be completely bespoke for your company, and the kind of things Lisa covers are how to eat better to improve your:

  • Energy and mood
  • Gut health
  • Immunity

Lisa makes sure they’re fun, interesting and far from preachy. They’re designed to get people thinking and give them practical tips. So they don’t just learn why to make changes for their physical and mental health but how.

From an expert, not Google

They’ll come away with professional, expert advice and factual details – rather than the mind-boggling array of information and opinions an internet search comes up with.

They’ll even get a Lean Lunch goodie bag too.

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