Marvellous meals
for meetings and events

Do you want a lunch less ordinary for a client meeting? Looking for fab food to keep the team powered up on a planning day? Need to feed the five hundred at a big event?

We’re right here for you. Our delicious, nutritious platters and individual meals are designed not just to impress but help keep everyone at peak performance. And despite the name it’s not just lunch
– we cater for breakfast and evening events too.

Meals that make a statement

Who’s had enough of stodgy beige buffets and bland sandwiches? We’re with you. The food we supply couldn’t be more different.

Smokey chicken with seaweed salad and nutty freekah anyone? Bring on the hallmoumi, carrot & courgette cakes maybe? Or perhaps magnificent miso salmon?
When you provide Lean Lunch meals you’re not just feeding people, you’re showing what kind of company you are. And dull it isn’t.

Natural feel-good food

Whatever you order from us, you can trust it to be really tasty. But it’s more than that – it’ll look great and help whoever’s eating it to feel great too.

Our well-balanced meals and platters are all packed with natural, nourishing ingredients to leave you feeling full of energy rather than needing a nap. Because no one wants to feel snoozy in the boardroom.

“ It was a really important business meeting so in the afternoon we needed attendees to be on their game – not feeling tired after a carb heavy lunch. Our guests were really impressed, the food looked and tasted great, we even had compostable plates to eat it off. Lunch actually became a talking point and part of the whole day’s experience. I can’t recommend you enough. Thank you!”

Sarah Shay, Alpaca

“I’m a big fan of Lean Lunch, the food is not only healthy but it tastes fantastic – I love all the flavour and spices in the dishes. Not only has it become a firm favourite in our office, but we also served lunch to 300 people at our FinTech North conference this year. The quality of the food was every bit as good as when ordering a single meal, and the feedback from delegates was amazing.”

Julian Wells, Whitecap Consulting

“Sky Leeds Dock has been using Lean Lunch to supply food for our special events because they offer a healthy change from the typical sandwiches and sausage rolls. Moreover, it is so much easier for us to be ‘great hosts’ using Lean Lunch to provide tasty and nutritious options for all the various dietary needs of the modern workforce.”

Renee Hunt, Sky UK

“The choice was great, the food was fresh and delicious and it arrived on time. The attendees really appreciated the change from pizza and we received fantastic feedback for the food provided. Thanks Sat and the team for the service!”

Gwen Diagram, Testing Atelier

We always struggled to find healthy options for lunch and were ordering triangle sandwich platters for meetings, which isn’t representative of us as a creative agency! We wanted to impress our clients and make sure we were all eating well. Lean Lunch has been a breath of fresh air, their food is always tasty, nutritious and really well presented. We’re also big fans of the compostable packaging!

Laura Hodge, Finn Comms

So what are the options?

For meetings and smaller events you can:

  • Order a selection of individual meals from our online menu, which changes weekly.
  • Choose from the two wrap platters available on our daily menu – ideal for meetings where finger food is easier.
  • Order some meal platters. They contain portions of our individual meals and are a great buffet option that allows people to try different dishes.

We put our menus up 10 days in advance on a rolling basis. They show the prices and descriptions of all dishes available on a specific day, and cover dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.
Just let us know if you have any other dietary requirements that aren’t specified. Details of our platters are at the bottom of each daily menu.

Big or bespoke?

We’re always really happy to discuss bespoke menus for breakfast, lunch or dinner events. And if you’re catering for more than 25 people it’s usually best to have a chat with us before you order.

Just get in touch and we’ll work out the best options for you.

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Marvellous meals for meetings and events

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