What’s in your Food Delivery Box?

Your home delivery food box contains a choice of 4 meals plus 4 drinks or snacks.

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What’s in your Food Delivery Box?

The benefits of a healthy meal

With chef-led expertise, we deliver a menu of fantastic tasting, brighter, healthier foods with wellbeing and sustainability at the heart of our operation.

Satisfying and nourishing, our foods will help you sustain your rhythm through the working week.

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Lean Lunch Meal Benefits
You choose on the mobile phone App

How it works

You choose

Go to the daily menu and select the Home Box for the week you want delivery. Build your box of goodness by choosing 4 meals and 4 snacks or drinks.

We prepare the meal

How it works

We make

We craft your meals on the morning we deliver using locally sourced whole foods and no nasties.

We deliver the meal

How it works

We deliver

We’ll deliver your Food Delivery Box to your doorstep by 12pm the following day, ready for you to enjoy.

You devour the meal

How it works

You devour

Enjoy the contents of your Food Delivery Box over the next three days and reward yourself with nutritious, delicious food.