Q: How do I qualify for free delivery?
A: Delivery’s free when your company’s registered and you’ve signed in, or if your order for that day totals at least £15.

Q: Can I pay for delivery if I don’t qualify to get it free?
A: Yes of course, if your orders does not qualify then you can pay a £2.50 delivery charge for any order placed within our delivery area.

Q: Can we pay for the meals in our group order individually but still get free delivery?
A: Unfortunately not – our system only grants free delivery if one person places and pays for the order, and the meals being delivered to you that day total more than £15. The best way to make sure you can pay individually and get free delivery is to get your company registered with us. Or you could take it in turns to buy lunch for the group, have a lunch kitty or one of you pay for the group order and the rest of you give them the money for your meal.

Q: How do we get our company registered with you?
A: Just contact us and we’ll get in touch to discuss it with you. Generally, we just need to check you can make a minimum order each weekday so we can guarantee delivery.

Q: Can I order on the day of delivery?
A: No, the latest you can order is up to 10am the weekday before delivery (so by 10am on Friday if you’d like delivery on Monday). We do this to ensure your food is freshly made every day and to avoid food waste. If you want to get really organised, you can order up to 10 days before delivery.

Q: Where do you deliver to?
We deliver to Leeds city centre in the areas on the map.

Q: Which days do you deliver?
A: We deliver Monday to Friday, apart from bank holidays.

Q: What time will you deliver my food?
A: We aim to have your food with you by 12pm, unless we’ve agreed to deliver later.

Q: How much notice do you need for orders for larger meetings or events? 
A: If you’re ordering more than 20 meals, we’d ideally like three days’ notice please. If it’s fewer than 20 it’s fine to order by the standard cut-off time of 10am the weekday before delivery – although more notice is always welcome.

Q: Can I pay by cash or card on delivery?
A: No, you need to pay in advance online please. Unless you’re ordering for a company meeting and we’ve agreed to invoice you.

Q: If I’m ordering for a meeting can you invoice me instead of me paying by card? 
A: Yes, but only if you’ve already contacted us and become a registered company and Lean Lunch customer. Once that’s all set up, you’ll have the option to pay by invoice at the checkout.

Q: Can I change my order?
A: Yes, as long as you do it before 10am the weekday before delivery is due. If your company’s registered with us and you want to add to an order, just complete a new order and include a note to tell us it’s part of your previous order. If your company’s not registered with us, or you want to make any other changes such as removing a dish from your order, you’ll need to contact us please.

Q: What if I want to cancel my order?
A: You can only cancel your order if you contact us at least 24 hours before delivery is due. If you want to cancel later than that, we encourage you to offer your meal to a colleague so it’s not wasted (and what a great way to earn brownie points).

Q: Where will I collect my food from?
A: We’ll deliver your order to your main reception by 12pm on the day of delivery unless we’ve agreed otherwise. You then just need to pop to reception to collect it.

Q: How do I order for more than one meeting?
A: Just click on the same day again and add your new items in, it will then get added as a separate order. Each time you click, it puts a separate order in your bag.

Q: How do I know which food is for meetings?
A: We put food ordered for meetings in separate cool bags labelled with the meeting details.

Q: How will I know which meal is mine?
A: We’ll label each one to show whether it’s a meat, fish or vegetarian meal. Regular meals are in square packaging and large meals are in rectangular packaging.

Q: What happens to the cool bags?
A: If your business is registered with us we’ll collect it when we deliver the next day. If it’s a one-off delivery we’ll take them with us or collect them later that day.

Q: How will I know what’s in my food?
A: You’ll find a breakdown of the macronutrients for all our food online, along with a list of ingredients and allergens (listed in bold).

Q: Will I need to do anything to prepare my food?
A: No, we’ll deliver your meal chilled and ready to eat. You don’t need to do anything to prepare it (apart from pour the dressing if it comes with a dressing), and it’s not suitable for reheating.

Q: How long will my food last?
A: We’ll deliver it chilled and you should either eat it within 30 minutes or keep it refrigerated until you’re ready to eat it. Even if you keep it in the fridge, to ensure maximum freshness and taste we recommend that you eat it within 24 hours.

Q: What if I have a food intolerance?
A: We aim to state on the menu any ingredients (listed in bold) that may cause an allergic reaction for someone with food allergies. Please be aware that we’ll be making your meal where we prepare foods, and use ingredients, containing many of the listed allergens. So unfortunately we can’t guarantee that all our food is completely free of any allergen.

Q: Is your meat halal?
A: Our chicken is halal but our turkey isn’t.

Q: Is your fish sustainably sourced?
A: Yes, we work with our fish supplier to ensure we can trace that our fish is from sustainable sources.

Q: Do you offer any hot food?
A: We like to use lots of raw vegetables to maximise nutrition, so we don’t plan to offer hot food at this stage.


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