Improving the wellbeing of people and planet

– one delicious meal at a time

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We are the first and only online food delivery service in the North that is dedicated to wellbeing & sustainability. We are creating change in a very real way.

And this is your chance to get on board by investing in Lean Lunch.

What we do…

We deliver wellbeing for people and the planet by:

  • Cargo-biking delicious, nutritious, chef-prepared food to city centre offices – for lunches and events.
  • Minimising food waste and using 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.
  • Reducing food miles and CO2 emissions by using local suppliers.

Here’s how it works


Customer chooses the day they want to order and the meal(s) they want to eat.


Our chefs craft the meals on the morning we deliver using whole ingredients and no nasties.


Meals arrive to customers before 12pm ready to eat (and can be refrigerated).


Customers enjoy their nutritious, tasty food (within 24 hours) – and feel great that they are helping their wellbeing and that of the planet.

Food for thought

Love food? Us too.

We were set up by Sat and Charlotte in July 2017 after Sat was struggling to find decent lunches despite working in Leeds City Centre. All he wanted was something convenient, tasty and healthy.

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Investing in Lean Lunch isn’t just about helping us grow to reach more people, it’s about investing in the way we eat and the future of our planet…


Reason to invest #1

Since launch we have produced over 40,000 meals (in just two years). In our first trading quarter of 2017 we generated £7k of revenue, a year later it was £34k – a 380% increase.

Reason to invest #2

Every Lean Lunch meal contains at least 3 of our 5 a day.


Reason to invest #3

By getting our customers to order in advance we minimise food waste to almost zero – cutting our CO2.

Investor rewards

Investor reward #1

All of our investors, regardless of the value of their investment, will be invited to join an:

Exclusive members club

Through this club you will receive annual updates on our business progress, along with an invitation to a bi-annual menu tasting event.

Investor reward #2

For investors who are currently in our delivery location we’re also offering a lifetime discount based on the size of your investment as follows:

  • £100 – 10%
  • £250 – 15%
  • £500 – 20%
  • £1,000 – 25%
  • £2,500 – 30%
  • £5,000 – 35%

These discounts will also be applied to investors based in any locations we expand to in the future

Find out more by visiting our crowdfunding page. Here you can view our video, request our business plan and make an investment.

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