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It’s never been easier to eat chef-prepared food.

Meal Delivery Box

As we welcome March and the promise of Spring, the team here at Lean Lunch are delighted to have launched the new look MEAL DELIVERY BOX. The Meal Delivery Box is a box full of chef-crafted, nutritious food, drinks and snacks, delivered to your doorstep. You can choose a box of 4 or a box of 6 meals, which you can then top up from our range of delicious snacks and drinks.


Did you know that eating a healthy lunch improves productivity, supports your wellbeing and makes you feel good? We aren’t just a food delivery service. Health, wellbeing, sustainability  and nutrition govern all we do.

Lean Lunch meals aren’t about restricting yourself. They’re about cramming as much good stuff and flavour into one meal as humanly possible. You’ll always get at least 3 of your 5 a day, and we’re all for healthy fats too. They help keep you feeling full and your blood sugar levels balanced, and they’re great brain food. So by 3pm you’re much more likely to be powered up to finish the day on a high, rather than reaching for the digestives. 

Lean Lunch freshly-prepared meals

Our Meal Delivery Boxes mean that you can cross making lunch off your list, and enjoy a convenient, nutritious, delicious lunch that has been delivered right to your door. With no preparation required, we want to encourage you to take a break, step away from the desk and really enjoy your lunch, with the knowledge that you’ll have the energy afterwards for your afternoon tasks.


Our meals are freshly prepared every day. They’ll keep for three days, so your Friday order will see you through the weekend. They can be heated up for evening meals too (our new Massaman Curry is a personal favourite of the team to do this with). All of this means that you can either share your Lean Lunch food, or save it to enjoy over the coming days. 

Massaman Curry from Lean Lunch

Sat Mann, founder of Lean Lunch, said “We have always been committed to sharing our love of good food and providing people in the Leeds area with healthy, delicious meals in a convenient way. We believe that a nutritious lunch is a key part of workplace wellbeing and to maintaining motivation – I’m so thrilled that we can now extend this offer in an even more accessible way to those people now working from home.”

Order your MEAL DELIVERY BOX here.