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Working from home - healthy lunch delivered

Like everyone, things changed dramatically for Lean Lunch during lockdown in March. Until then, we were delivering healthy, nutritious lunches to people at work, mostly in offices in and around Leeds city centre. The world of work was one we all knew. Then the nation was asked to work from home and in just a few months, the landscape of work, family and city life altered dramatically. 

With the exception of Covid-19 itself, working from home has been the big story of 2020. In August this year, it was reported that only 34% of British white-collar workers had returned to the office. The resistance may be down in part to concerns about the virus and confusion about the rules, but it also reflects a growing desire for employees to have more control over their working day and have found that working from home can improve productivity. 


At Lean Lunch we have spent the last few months speaking to our customers and understanding what their experiences of this new working landscape have been. There is a clear indication that things will not go back to the way they were and employers will be looking at a more mixed working week for their staff, which consists of working from both the office and home, together with flexible hours to accommodate the needs of their staff.

Throughout this year, it is employee wellbeing that has been our focus and is high on the agenda of the business we are working with. Working from home has many benefits but not for those who do not have the space in their homes to be able to work productively. Equally, many home workers report that their world has been reduced to the dimensions of their laptop screen and that the barrier between home and work has been lost. Now we find we are jumping from one zoom meeting to another, often without a break in between, the demands on our time significantly increased rather than the expected decrease by being away from the demands of a busy office. 

The Guardian reports that “efficiency gains are hard to quantify in these circumstances – as many of us could testify, more meetings do not necessarily mean greater productivity. And with so many of our working lives, productivity is the key corporate issue. It’s also the reason that the spread of remote working has, until the coronavirus, moved so slowly.” 

The article goes on to say, “so far the studies that have been conducted on WFH productivity since the lockdown have not been conclusive. As one British self-report found, 18% of those consulted felt they were more productive, and 22% felt less productive.”

working from home - healthy food improves productivity


Did you know that providing a healthy, nutritious lunch for your employees improves productivity, supports your staff health and wellbeing and cultivates community and engagement? 

We love working with local businesses, schools, teams, and public bodies, supporting their staff health and wellbeing agendas. We can also customise to your needs with drinks, snacks, further meal occasions and organise home-worker delivery schemes. Lean Lunch redefines work time eating. Our food is delicious, healthy and sustainable, resulting in increased staff wellbeing and productivity.


We recently launched our Home Delivery Box – a box full of chef-crafted, nutritious food, drinks and snacks, which we deliver to your door. It has been wonderful to see the way in which businesses have been engaging with this offer for their staff – a gift for them to support their health and wellbeing during such challenging times. After all, wellbeing lies at the heart of all that we offer here at Lean Lunch. 

We aren’t just a food delivery service. Health, wellbeing, sustainability  and nutrition govern all we do. Lean Lunch meals aren’t about restricting yourself. They’re about cramming as much good stuff and flavour into one meal as humanly possible. You’ll always get at least 3 of your 5 a day, and we’re all for healthy fats too. They help keep you feeling full and your blood sugar levels balanced, and they’re great brain food. So by 3pm you’re much more likely to be powered up to finish the day on a high, rather than reaching for the digestives. 

Working from home

So, whilst working from home remains the only option for most, there is one way we can support you with your health, wellbeing, productivity and energy. Treat yourself, or treat your staff, to nutritious, chef-crafted meals delivered straight to you.