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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Wellbeing in the Workplace

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. 

Employees typically spend a large part of their day at work, either in the work premises or working from home. This makes workplaces a key space for improving wellbeing.

During a typical 9-5 day, chances are employees eat at least one meal and a few snacks. By being proactive and taking positive action, you can support your staff in ensuring they are eating healthily at work.

Buy why should you do this? There are so many reasons, that benefit both them as individuals and you as an employer.

Poor diet is an issue nationwide, as an employer you can feel proud to be doing your bit in helping to address this. Eating a healthy, balanced diet significantly improves overall health and wellbeing and reduces the risk of illness.

If employees eat well at work, they’re more likely to adopt this into their personal life too, resulting in wider spread positive impact. 

When we’re feeling good, we operate at our best. We’re more productive and take less time off sick. This is among the reasons it makes business sense to support staff in developing healthy habits.

If your staff are super busy, nipping to the fast-food shop or snacking on biscuits is the easy option. If done too regularly, this is very unhealthy. We love to see employers take on the role of ensuring their staff have access to healthy food and drink choices.

Organising healthy lunches for the team means one less thing for employees to think about the night before work or in the morning, freeing up their time to be with family or to focus on preparing for the day ahead. 

With many workplaces adopting homeworking this year, whether temporarily or making it more permanent, Lean Lunch will deliver to homes or work premises.

Employees that feel looked after and valued by their employer are happier, more likely to stay long-term, more productive and feel motivated. Morale is boosted all round. A nutritious lunch also means there’ll be no more mid-afternoon slump, or feelings of dread about a late afternoon meeting!

Studies also show that employees that take a proper lunch break that allows the mind to rest, return recharged and more productive for the rest of the day. Breaks let the brain recuperate and refresh. This reduces the likelihood of stress and exhaustion among employees.

Creativity flows in motivated, empowered, happy staff. Research shows that ‘light bulb moments’ are more likely after a good break. Pack this break with delicious, nutritional goodness and this is boosted even further!

There are multiple ways employers can encourage healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices among staff, below are valuable and easy to implement tips:

  • Register your company with Lean Lunch! Let staff choose what they would like to order for lunch, snacks and drinks. We can deliver to you regularly or ad hoc; to an office base or to staff at home. We can work with you if you decide that your company would like to subsidise a scheme.
  • Provide fruit bowls and healthy nuts and seeds to snack on.
  • Encourage staff to share recipes and their favourite simple snacks and healthy lunches with each other.
  • Give staff branded water bottles to encourage staying hydrated.
  • Ensure staff feel encouraged and able to get fresh air, take a walk and enjoy their lunch break.
  • Book us for a fun, educational nutrition session – jam packed with interesting information and easy-to-action tips for staff to takeaway. We can deliver these virtually too!

Looking after staff with something as simple and effective as enabling them to regularly have delicious, healthy lunches, really is a win-win for all involved. Contact us today to have a chat about how we can help your workforce feel great.

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