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The link between nutrition and productivity

Nutrition and Productivity

Eating a healthy, balanced diet provides our bodies with what it needs to function well and for us to feel energised. When our bodies don’t have what they need to function at their best, we begin to feel a drop in energy levels. Our energy levels directly impact on how productive we feel and how productive we are.

It makes sense that there is a link between what we eat and how we perform. If we think about an athlete, for example, they perform better when fuelled correctly. This is the same for all of us in everyday life.

There are several ways that our bodies not receiving adequate nutrition can display during the working day, all of which can impact productivity.

It could present as fatigue, low energy levels, feeling irritable, not thinking clearly, feeling like you have creative block or feeling stressed.

Eating simple, natural, delicious ingredients (like we jam pack all our Lean Lunch meals with) is key to feeling healthy, productive and energised. Eating high quantities of processed foods can lead to slumps and fatigue, I’m sure we’ve all heard people speak of the mid-afternoon energy dip, or maybe suffered from it.

Skipping meals for any reason or snacking on sugary items and energy drinks is unfortunately likely to drain your energy long term, rather than provide it. Nutritious meals like ours are designed to make sure you feel full and satisfied.

What we eat has a part to play in maintaining concentration and focus, as well as motivation. 

Our meals keep your blood sugar levels balanced and they’re great brain food. You’ll notice our meals are vibrant and colourful – ‘eating the rainbow’ is a great way to quickly tell whether what’s on your plate is likely to be nutritious.

Our bodies need a combination of proteins, fibre, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Nuts, seeds and plenty of vegetables are all brilliant productivity boosters. Eating a nutritious diet should keep the desire to snack at a minimum, but if you do want to snack grabbing some nuts, our cacao and cashew balls or berries is a great, tasty alternative to sugary sweets and biscuits.

Order your meal box today and find out what difference eating amazingly can make to your productivity levels!

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