Making healthy easy

A couple of years ago I started trying to eat more healthily more often. But even though I worked in Leeds city centre I couldn’t find the sort of tasty and nutritious lunches I wanted for the office.

So I started buying ingredients from the supermarket and making lunch at work. It was healthy and I had more energy...but it definitely wasn’t convenient or tasty.

And it got really, really boring.

Love food? Us too.

It got me thinking there has to be a better way – and the result is Lean Lunch, which I set up with my wife Charlotte.

We both absolutely LOVE food, and think there’s no reason healthy lunches can’t be mouth-wateringly delicious and thoroughly satisfying.

We want to make it easy for you and your colleagues to enjoy freshly made, totally tasty, nourishing food at work. Whether you’re eating alone, with friends or organising food for a meeting.

Keeping it local

For now, Lean Lunch is just for the workers of Leeds so we can keep things as fresh and eco as possible by minimising how far your lunches travel.

We also buy all our ingredients from local, independent suppliers, including Tarbett’s Fishmongers, Sykes House Farm and R.K. Harris & Sons greengrocer.

Goodness – lots of it!

Lean Lunch meals aren’t about restricting yourself. They’re about cramming as much good stuff and flavour into one meal as possible.

We’re all for healthy fats, for example. They help keep you feeling full and your blood sugar levels balanced, and they’re great brain food. So by 3pm you’re much more likely to be powered up to finish the day on a high, rather than reaching for the digestives.

The Team

Sat Mann


Sat used to have a recruitment company in Leeds. He left office life behind and set up Lean Lunch, and is also on the board of a great charity called Leeds Mind. He feels really strongly that focusing on wellness can have a positive impact for everyone.

Charlotte Mann


Charlotte used to work in recruitment too. She’s now a busy mum with two children and, like Sat, is totally in love with food. Charlotte works with the team to help develop new Lean Lunch dishes. What she’s going to eat next is always high on the agenda.

Matthew Benson-Smith

Consultant chef

Matthew’s had a glittering career including several AA rosettes, awards and Michelin recognition, and a stint as chef to the Prime Minister. He’s developed ranges for brands such as Marks & Spencer, and now he's sharing his expertise with us.

Liz Cooper


Liz is a fully qualified and regulated nutritional therapist with years of experience. She makes sure our meals are well balanced. And runs Lean Lunch nutrition seminars, workshops and one-to-ones for companies wanting to give employees wellness support.

Dave Ebsworth


Dave’s a classically trained chef with more than a decade’s experience in Michelin-starred restaurants and bespoke catering. A keen triathlete, he loves creating nutritious meals that taste amazing, and we’re excited to have him doing this for us.

Rob Allen


Rob’s always been obsessed with food and has worked in both fine dining and contract catering, and spent four years honing his craft in France. He’s now really enjoying working with a healthy menu and ensuring your meals both look and taste gorgeous.

Helping Food Cycle feed forward

Food Cycle

Every Friday a great charity called Food Cycle collects any spare produce from our kitchens.

They then whip it up into tasty, healthy meals to serve in their volunteer-run community kitchens on Saturday.


Delicious, nutritious meals delivered to your office

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